(DF) Bulgaria, Croatia to Cooperatein Enhancing Airforce Capacity

December 11 (BTA) – Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov participated Wednesday in the official opening of the Multinational Special Aviation Programme training centre at Zemunik Air Base in Zadar, Croatia. Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia are among the founder countries of the initiative, the Ministry of Defence said. “This joint initiative will ease our joint efforts in the field of interoperability, standardization and efficiency in support of the development of Special Operation Forces. This programme will allow their use in times of peace in close to reality conditions,” Karakachanov said. He underscored that the participation of representatives of Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia is yet another expression of the political will of these countries to promote the defensive potential of the Alliance and national defence capacity. Earlier in the day, there was a trilateral meeting between the defence ministers of Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. Karakachanov and his Croatian counterpart, Damir Krsticevic, discussed the cooperation between the air forces of the two countries. Krsticevic congratulated Karakachanov on the acquisition of the new F-16 fighters and expressed interest in the Bulgarian experience in the implementation of modernization projects./RY/BR //