(NW) National Ombudsman Makes Six Recommendations about Amending Condominium Property Management Act

December 23 (BTA) – National Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva has sent a letter to Regional Development and Public Works Minister Petya Avramova containing six recommendations about amending the Condominium Property Management Act, the Ombudsman’s Office reported on Monday. In the letter, Kovacheva argued that there are still many problems concerning the relations between the owners of homes in condominium buildings, on the one hand, and the central and local government authorities, on the other hand, and also among the owners themselves. She recommended giving more powers to the local authorities to exercise control in cases when the self-regulation principle (the main principle in this law) cannot be applied. She noted that home owners often fail to reach agreement and to manage the condominium property well. This causes tensions among the occupants. Therefore, the local authorities should act as an arbiter in such disputes. Kovacheva further called for relaxed quorum requirements for the general meetings of home owners and the decisions made during such meetings. She sees a need for better regulation of the financial contributions for the management and maintenance of a condominium building from home owners who are not resident in the building. Under the current law, such owners are not obliged to make contributions, which can lead to unfair distribution of expenses. The National Ombudsman said that the Regional Development and Public Works Ministry’s bill to amend the Condominium Property Management Act was never put up for public consultation, although the deadline for proposals expired on April 15. RI/VE //