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(DF) Socialists Table No Confidence Motion over Cabinet’s “Failure in Environment, Water Policy”

January 20 (BTA) The BSP for Bulgaria parliamentary group tabled in Parliament a motion of no confidence in the Government over what they perceive as failure of the environment and water policy. The motion was signed by 78 Socialist MPs. “We submitted 40 pages of reasons for the vote of no confidence in Borissov’s Cabinet,” the Socialists’ leader, Kornelia Ninova, told journalists, adding that the facts are the strongest reasons. According to her, half a million Bulgarians are currently experiencing water supply disruptions and there is a serious risk for this number to increase. “We are breathing some of the most polluted air in Europe, while Bulgaria has been turned into a dump for waste not only from Europe, but from the third world as well,” Ninova said. According to her, the reasons for all of these problems are one and the same – negligent incompetence, lack of responsibility and corruption. Over a short period of time, in around one month, Borissov’s Government has received three European penalties, Ninova noted, adding that the EU Court has already ruled against Bulgaria over air pollution, the European Commission is starting to address the problems with medicines, while the third blow (against the Government) is the return of the money for the Strouma Motorway. In her words, the failure of Borissov’s Cabinet is no longer just domestic, but extends to Bulgaria’s European future. “Together we stand at 124 (votes in Parliament) and we have the necessary mathematical sum for the vote (of no confidence) to pass,” the Socialists’ leader commented. An additional result of the no confidence vote will be that it will clearly show who wants Borissov’s Cabinet ousted and change in governance, as well as who is using the situation for personal or political gains “at the expense of the ongoing genocide against the Bulgarian people”. Ninova noted that the Socialists have received support from parliamentary and non-parliamentary political parties and civil associations. The Socialists held consultations in connection with the motion with representatives of the other political parties. Discussions are scheduled with the non-parliamentary forces Movement 21 and Democratic Bulgaria. ABV leader Roumen Petkov said his party supports the no confidence motion and will provide additional arguments to the Socialists’ leadership, which prove the Government’s disastrous policy in the sector. The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) have said during the consultations that they will not co-sponsor the motion, but will contribute their own reasons in Parliament. On the other hand, GERB Deputy Floor Leader Aleksandar Nenkov said during a news briefing in Parliament that “the no confidence vote will not pass” and that “GERB and the United Patriots will implement their governance programme together”. He added that the coalition is stable and that BSP have no solution about how to get out of the current situation. “If they’re talking about toppling the government, it would be nice for them to say who they will form a majority with,” he said. The Chair of the Parliamentary Environment and Water Committee, Ivelina Vassileva (GERB), said that her party will look at BSP’s reasons and is ready for discussions. “Throughout the years, we have proven that we’re working on improving the environment – over 2,500 km of water supply and sewerage pipelines have been built, together with 51 waste water treatment facilities and 52 regional waste treatment systems. We are aware that if there are violations, everyone must be held responsible, but we also believe that these are policies that require a statesmanlike attitude”. Vassileva believes that the Socialists aim to create crises, instill tension and fuel people’s fears, while GERB are aware that crises are solved with actions, which requires the mobilization of all. RI/MY /МЙ/