(DF) Prime Minister Borissov Attends Memorial Ceremony for75th Anniversary of Auschwitz Liberation

January 27 (BTA) – Prime Minister Boyko Borissov Monday attended the ceremony in Poland commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. Borissov took part in the memorial service outside the Gate of death in the former death camp. The Bulgarian Prime Minister believes that “all of us should remember that we have a resonsibility to not allow tragedies like the Holocaust to happen again”, said his press office. “We have an obligation to be guardians of the history of the Holocaust and to not allow distortion or downplaying of the suffering of people during World War Two.” The Prime Minister believes that Bulgarian people – especially young Bulgarians – have all reason to be proud of the rescue of Bulgarian Jews from the Nazi death camps, and that this rescue teaches a lesson of tolerance, understanding and love among people of different ethnicity, religion and culture, the government press office said. NV/PP//