(DF) Government Survives Fourth No-Confidence Vote

The government of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov survived Wednesday a no-confidence vote initiated by the opposition Sofialists over what they see as a failure if the policy in environment and the water sector. The no-confidence motion was voted down by 124-102 voted with 9 abstentions. The Bulgarian Socialist Party for Bulgaria group and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms voted against the government. Borissov’s own GERB party and the nationalists of the power-sharing United Patriots coalition supported the government, as did eight independents. Volya abstained. It was the fourth vote of no-confidence against the third government Boyko Borissov. The vote was taken amid multiple crises affecting the environment: a severe water shortage which has led to the rationing of potable water for 100,000 in the western town of Pernik, endemic air pollution and suspicions that some businesses in Bulgaria thrive on unlawful handling or incineration of imported waste.