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(DF) Prosecutor General Geshev: Pre-Trial Proceedings Found Coal-Mixed Waste Being Burned at Bobov Dol TPP

February 13 (BTA) – After meeting with Bobov Dol regional administration, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev said that pre-trial proceedings have established the illegal burning of waste mixed with coal at the Bobov Dol TPP. Investigations revealed that the permit for test waste burning at the plant has expired and that a site near the TPP stores waste that does not meet indicators of the so-called RDF (Refuse-Derived Fuel). In regards to a Ministry of Environment and Water check of all TPPs ordered by the prosecuting magistracy, Geshev commented that in all probability not all fuctioning requirements are met, and neither are all environmental ones. In January, Minister of Environment and Water Emil Dimitrov officially said that a Ministry check found that the Bobov Dol power plant has not been burning hazardous waste. The manager of waste buyer Blatsion, Macedonian national Goran Angelov, told the Macedonian news agency MIA that the containers with waste were bound for the Bobov Dol coal-fuelled power plant for incineration but never went there because in the meantime the power plant’s licence for waste incineration expired. Angelov also said that Bulgaria does not have a ban on the import of scrap wood, textiles and glass. Greenpeace’ Meglena Antonova is widely quoted by media outlets as saying that the Bobov Dol power plant is not designed to burn waste. Geshev sarcastically commented that its much easyer for the businessmen that deal in these ventures to buy fancy cars “like the Mercedes-Maybach” (starting price 170,000 dollars) than to invest money in proper air quality devices that would cost around 100-200 million leva. He added that the prosecuting magistracy has made a commitment to the citizens of Bobov Dol to conduct constant checks of the TPPs burning activities and to be in constant contact with the district and regional prosecutor, representatives of the settlements and the district police director in order to be alerted right away of any environmental violations. “A comprehensive review of compliance with the eco-legislation of the TPPs is yet to be carried out and competency actions will be undertaken to ensure air quality,” said Geshev. He also commented on the topic of large cargo trucks heading for Bobov Dol, saying: “Checks are to be conducted on the matter, including of the ownership of the vehicles”. Later, Environment Minister Emil Dimitrov said that “out of all power plants, only one TPP has the right to burn waste and this is the one in Sliven.” He noted that all plans for which the prosecution service requested a check would be included in a special report. RI/DT /DT/