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(DF) Novel Coronavirus Spread to Bulgaria Inevitable, Chief Health State Inspector Says

February 27 (BTA) – There are cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in almost all Balkan countries, making its spread into Bulgaria inevitable, Chief Health State Inspector Dr.Angel Kunchev said at a briefing here on Thursday. “We are focusing on the hospitalization and treatment possibilities,” he said, explaining that no country in medical history has managed to stop the spread of airborne diseases regardless of the control measures taken. There are 34 flights arriving to Bulgaria from Italy each week. In order to facilitate the processing of arriving passengers, those coming from Italy, the majority of which land at Sofia Airport’s Terminal 1, will go through a separate corridor, in order to avoid mixing of passenger flows and reduce the time they spend at the airport. Flight attendants will be handing out surveys to be filled out during the flights instead of upon arrival, Kunchev explained. An online form is being tested, which will allow people to visit the Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate’s website and fill out the information before departing for the airport. Passengers will get a QR code, which they will show at the airport, the Chief State Health Inspector said. RI/MY /ДЛ/