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(DF) 17 Countries Recognize Expired Bulgarian ID Documents

April 17 (BTA) – So far 17 countries have confirmed that they will recognize expired Bulgarian passports between March 13 and October 31 due to the coronavirus emergency and Bulgarian nationals will be allowed to leave the respective countries, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday. The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Georgia gave their confirmation this week and joined, Austria, the UK, Greece, Ireland, Qatar, Norway, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Croatia, and Montenegro. Another six countries, Slovenia, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Indonesia and Nigeria do so under special conditions and validity terms. On the instructions of Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, the heads of all Bulgarian diplomatic services abroad requested from the countries to which they have been accredited to make an exception and allow Bulgarian citizens to return to Bulgaria on expired documents, recalls the Foreign Ministry. Bulgaria will reciprocate and recognize the expired passports of their citizens. RY/PP .. //