(DF) GERB Leader Borissov Calls on Mayors to Apply for EU Funding to Solve Local Economic, Social Issues

June 20 (BTA) – At a meeting with the local GERB party members here on Saturday, Prime Minister and GERB leader Boyko Borissov called on the party’s eight mayors in Stara Zagora Region to elaborate new projects and apply for EU funding so as to solve their municipalities’ economic and social problems. Among the participants in the meeting were Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, Youth and Sports Minister Krassen Kralev, Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov, Stara Zagora Mayor Zhivko Todorov, Bourgas Mayor and GERB Deputy Chairman Dimitar Nikolov, National Assembly Deputy Chairman Emil Hristov, and MPs. Borissov said a discussion is needed on the future of the Maritsa-East industrial complex, and outlined several options to be considered: transition from coal to gas or application of modern techniques for cleansing local lignites in accordance with ecological requirements. It is also possible to build a high-tech industrial zone, he added. Borissov also said that it is important to solve the demographic problem, and gave as a good example Finance Minister Goranov, who is expecting his third child. Borissov forecast that next year will be more difficult, therefore stable governance and a united nation are needed. He gave as an example the President of Germany, who has expressed support for the government amid the COVID-19 situation despite being a social democrat. Deputy Prime Minister Donchev said that by 2027 Bulgaria will receive 27 billion leva, and “we should be ready to welcome this money with projects in the area of innovation, energy efficiency, and digitization.” Also on Saturday, Defence Minister and VMRO leader Krassimir Karakachanov held a meeting with the party’s mayors and municipal councillors in Elin Pelin Municipality, Sofia Region, the VMRO’s press centre reported. The discussion focussed on the prospects for municipalities’ development and the current political situation in Bulgaria. Karakachanov expressed satisfaction with the VMRO’s representatives being close to the people and being familiar with their problems, given that there still is a huge gap between voters and the representatives they have elected. RI/DS /ДЛ/