WHO: In the Fall We Will be Attacked by Colds, Flu and Coronavirus

Society must continue to comply with anti-epidemic measures against COVID-19. The virus still exists and is deadly. What will happen in the fall no one can say. Then, in addition to COVID-19, there will be seasonal flu. This was commented by Dr. Skender Sila, representative of the World Health Organization / WHO / for Bulgaria, in front of Nova TV.

The best case scenario would be for the coronavirus to lose its potential and eventually disappear, but so far there are no such prospects, according to Dr. Sila.

The WHO expects the COVID-19 vaccine to be available by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Dr. Sila said that in the fall the situation will be very challenging, because then there are different viruses – colds, flu, coronavirus. “People can be attacked by both, and this will confuse the clinics. Fortunately, we already have tests and we can distinguish them. Therefore, the WHO recommendation is to increase vaccines for the common flu, especially for at-risk groups, the elderly. people, people with chronic diseases. The situation is unpredictable, “warned Dr. Sila.

According to him, when there are small outbreaks from more regions of the country, the total number of infected grows. “But we still have epicenters. Most of the cases are from Sofia and the region. That is why we must continue to be careful. To keep our distance, to wash our hands regularly, to put masks where we cannot keep our distance,” he urged.

When assessing the situation in a particular country, in this case Bulgaria, we must be based on numbers. If we compare the total number of cases based on 100, 1000 or 1 million people, Bulgaria is still doing very well compared to other countries in the world. This is a result of the strict measures that were implemented early, even before the first cases were reported. This is good crisis management, a good approach by the government and commitment to society, explained Dr. Skender Sila.

“I don’t think we lost control here in Bulgaria. We now have an increased capacity for testing people. For the last 24 hours, for example, more than 3,000 people have been tested, which is a record so far.”

Asked whether there could be a lack of discipline, Dr. Sila said that “we have seen an increase in cases in many European countries, not only in Bulgaria. The reason is that before many countries were closed, people moved less. Now, with the easing of measures, they are gathering at various events and ceremonies, so we say that we are starting the new normally and we need to be disciplined and take responsibility. This is the key to preventing a new spread. The closure had severe consequences for health, the psyche, the economy. That is why we need to find a way to live in this new reality and a new normality, “said the WHO representative./Novinite.bg