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(DF) Overnight Revenues from Foreign Tourists Slump by 77.1% In July

September 11 (BTA) – In July, revenues from overnights totalled 122.4 million leva or by 64.6 per cent less from a year earlier, the National Statistical Institute said on Friday. to July 2019. Overnight revenues from foreigner tourists slumped by 77.1 per cent, while those from Bulgarian tourists dropped by 11.6 per cent. In July 2020, the total bed occupancy in accommodation establishments was 30.1 per cent, down by 29.9 percentage points compared with July 2019. The highest bed occupancy was recorded in 4- and 5- star hotels (35.1 per cent), followed by 3- star accommodation establishments (28.1 per cent), and 1- and 2- star establishments (24.5 per cent). In July 2020 amid the ongoing epidemic emergency, 2,768 accommodation establishments – hotels, motels, camping sites, mountain chalets and other establishments for short -term accommodation with more than 10 bed places operated in the country. The total number of the rooms added up to 112,900, with 251,400 bed places. In comparison with July 2019, the total number of operating accommodation establishments decreased by 18.4 per cent and of bed places, by 22.5 per cent. Overnights registered in July 2020 totalled 2,265,900, or down by 61.9 per cent compared with a year earlier. The greatest drop 67.7 per cent) was observed in 3- star accommodation establishments. In July 2020, 73.5 per cent of overnights by foreign citizens and 35.5 per cent of overnights by Bulgarians were in 4- and 5- star hotels. Three-star accommodation establishments reported 18.3 per cent of overnights by foreigners and 27.3 per cent of overnights by Bulgarian residents, while 1- and 2-star accommodation establishments reported 8.2 per cent and 37.2 per cent respectively. In July 2020, the number of arrivals in all accommodation establishments decreased by 52.7 per cent compared with July 2019, reaching 613,200. The number of foreign tourists dropped by 77.1 per cent. Domestic arrivals went down by 12 per cent. In July 202, 427,000 Bulgarian citizens spent nights in accommodation establishments with 3.1 nights on average. Foreign arrivals totalled 186,200, averaging 5.1 overnights. NV/PP