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(NW) January-June Export from Bulgaria to EU Down by 6.5%, Import by 12.1%

September 14 (BTA) – In January-June 2020, the export of Bulgarian commodities to the EU came down by 6.5 per cent from this time last year, and totalled 170,170.6 million leva, according to National Statistical Institute estimates. In June alone, the export to the EU dropped by 0.8 per cent from this time last year and stood at 2,931.5 million leva. The import of commodities from the EU to Bulgaria in January-June 2020 contracted by 12.1 per cent from the same periof of 2019 and totalled 17,273.2 million leva (at CIF prices). In June alone, the import of EU goods to Bulgaria was worth 2,968.1 million leva, going down by 7.5 per cent from this time last year. The EU-Bulgaria trade balance (export FOB – import CIF) for January-June 2020 showed a deficit of 102.6 million leva for Bulgaria. RY/LN/ //