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(DF) Bulgarian Socialist Party Holds 50th Congress

September 26 (BTA) – The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) opened Saturday its 50th Congress, taking place at Sofia’s National Palace of Culture over the weekend. A total of 793 delegates registered as present at the forum, out of the 976 elected delegates. In her political report to the congress, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova, who was recently re-elected to the post in the first direct elections in the party’s history, said that she will work to make the BSP the top political force in Bulgaria. Ninova reported on BSP’s achievements in the past four years. She said that socialists’ parliamentary group translated the party’s programme into real legislative actions, worked very actively and deserves the high mark of the congress and of the BSP. Ninova said that “in the past four years Bulgaria has been governed by a new coalition, which officially constitutes GERB and the United Patriots, but in reality enjoys the unofficial support of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and of the obsequious Volya party”. In Ninova’s words, at the moment only the BSP is ready with a full alternative plan for governing Bulgaria. “We can claim that we are authentic carriers of change,” she said. The BSP leader noted that the party does not want to “ride the wave” of the ongoing anti-government protest rallies but supports them. She reiterated her view that the incumbent Parliament has exhausted itself and is unable to guarantee the stability of the State. Ninova said that Bulgaria is in a deep political and institutional crisis, and a crisis of confidence of the people in governance. Furthermore, this country is on the brink of a horrific economic and social crisis, she said. The BSP’s goal is to provide stability, ensure security and peace of mind to the Bulgarians, to give them prospects to create a country governed by the rule of law, a democratic and social Bulgaria. Ninova said that the steps towards this goal are reaching out to all left-minded, progressive, non-partisan, and honest Bulgarians who love their country, creating a broad front of like-minded people who want change, and elections that are going to be a landslide victory for the BSP. The congress continues its worl with reports from the BSP National Council and the BSP for Bulgaria Parliamentary Group, a report from the BSP Members of the European Parliament, and a report of the BSP Control Commission. A BSP National Council and chairperson and members of the Control Commission will be elected. The delegates will consider a Resolution against the Resurgence of Neo-fascism and Neo-Nazism in Europe and a Policy Declaration on BSP Development and Policy Priorities. RY/ZH //