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(DF) 3,519 New COVID-19 Cases out of 7,934 PCR Tests Confirmed in 24 Hours

November 17 (BTA) – A total of 3,519 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed through 7,934 PCR tests in the 24 hours before Tuesday, show data posted on The test positivity rate now stands at around 44,35 per cent. The total number of COVID-19 infections in the country is 101,770, out of a total 864,550 PCR tests administered. The currently active cases are 69,171. A total of 5,353 patients are being treated in medical facilities, 288 of which are in intensive care. In the past 24 hours 942 people have recovered from the virus, bringing the total up to 30,317. There have been152 fatalities in the past day, with the death toll currently standing at 2,282. RY/DT /DT/