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Want to Dinner at a Restaurant in France – Wait Until January 15

If you want to go to a bar or restaurant in France, you will have to wait at least until January 15, 2021. Then the restaurants are expected to reopen their doors to visitors, said the state agency France Info.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal spoke today about “prospects for December”, but the agency informed that it had received information from several reliable sources in the Ministry of Economy that it was still the middle of January.

The number of new coronavirus infections has been declining in recent days, but the situation in the intensive care units is tense, Euronews reports. Patients from severely affected regions are sent for treatment to neighboring countries.

Restaurants have the right to offer only home-cooked food. Some place chairs on the sidewalks in front of restaurants, but they cannot be used. According to official sources, next week citizens will be able to buy Christmas trees in garden centers, supermarkets and in front of flower shops. Flower shops are currently only allowed to sell online. In the coming weeks, the government is expected to decide which stores will be allowed to reopen.