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(DF) MRF National Conference Re-elects Leader, Declares Ambition to Enter Government

December 12 (BTA) – In its 10th National Conference, the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) declared ambition to enter the government on national level – in addition to the representation in Parliament and in local governments – to push through a government course to a green economy. The national conference was held online under the motto “Freedom, unity, togetherness”, and “unity” and “togetherness” were frequently mentioned in the addresses during the forum. As expected, the forum re-elected Mustafa Karadaya as party leader. Karadayi was harsh on the government in his address and spoke of “erosion of statehood, undermining of democracy, encroachment on rights and freedoms, and disregard for the Constitution and laws in the country.” He called for urgent reforms in all economic sectors based on a clear programme for development and transition to a green economy. As early as at the beginning of the autumn parliamentary season MRF called for the resignation of the government and the President and expert government which will steer the country out of the crisis, adopt the budget and organize free and fair elections. Speakers praised the shape of the party. Karadayi called the MRF “builders of democratic Bulgaria, a pillar of democracy and peace in the country, a bridge for tolerance in the Balkans and for reforms in Europe”. MRF founder and honorary chairman Ahmed Dogan congratulated the party on the succesful organization of the online conference and voiced satisfaction with MRF’s development and the fact that the party has become a model for other parties. Dogan’s address, who remains very much central for the Movement, was presented by MEP Ilhan Kyuchuk, not by Dogan himself. In addition to the party’s leading figures, Turkish President Recep Tayiip Eedogan and Alliance for Liberals and Democrats for Europe President Graham Watson also made video addresses. Following is a takeaway from the speeches: MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi MRF expresses concern over the governance of the country: the crisis in healthcare, and the state of social care and education. The lack of reforms and incentives for the rescue of businesses are problems whose solution is beyond the capabilities of the government. Mistrust in the incumbent is widesperad and it creates a sense of insecurity and a lack of perspective. All this is happening against the backdrop of clear indications of a growing tension and destablization in the country. A possibility was wasted to govern the country with a clear programme for accelerated development, which will become the foundation to forming a parliamentary majority and for support of a minority government of GERB, on which the MRF insisted after the elections in 2017. GERB’s principal model of policy making is division and antagonization, coupled with hate speech, arrogance and aggression. The result of this is an erosion of statehood, undermining of democracy, encroachment on rights and freedoms and disregard for the Constitution and the laws in the country. MRF’s calls for inclusion of all free and active ctiziens in the governances and the creation of conditions for a transition to a green economy were unheeded. The results of this will be reflected in the uncoming elections and the scale of damages for the incumbent will be propotionate to the time until the elections. Unity and togetherness are not just an emblem of the MRF but its cause and essence. A new industrial revolution is in progress! Hydrogen revolution in the digital era! Each new revolution leads mankind to radical transformation of life and work. The race about who will introduce the hydrogen on a larger scale is a race about who will have a more competitive economy tomorrow. MFR founder Ahmed Dogan Our top priority is to prevent the looming humanitarian crisis. All efforts should concentrate on the efforts againts the coronavirus epidemic and its effects. Covid-19 has transformed the political realities, replaced political subjects and showed the deficiencies in the state institutions, launching health security as the main priority of all countries. This shocked the political elite because this problem had been ignored and delayed over time. The shock waves from these changes will be commensurate with climate change. May you turn unity and togetherness in an inner motivation for the making of policies and real-life stories. But do not forget – in order to be equal to the other political forces, you should be at least one step, but not more, ahead of them in scanning, envisioning and reforming the world. But if being ahead of others is unbearable to them, then we’ll turn into a collective image of the enemy for all. LN/PP