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(DF) Vaccination Process against COVID-19 Begins in Bulgaria

December 27 (BTA) – Vaccination against COVID-19 in Bulgaria started on Sunday in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Bourgas. Health Minister Kostadin Angelov was the first Bulgarian to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the capital’s St. Anna Hospital. In Plovdiv, the first to be vaccinated was Dr. Ivan Madzharov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association. ”I believe that we will overcome COVID-19, I can’t wait to see my 70-year-old father without worrying,” said the Minister of Health after the vaccination. Angelov commented on social media criticism concerning the fact that the vaccines in Sofia were transported via a food chain truck, stressing that a focus in ”in that direction is not acceptable” and explaining that the use of private companies for these purposes is a common practice in other countries. The Health Minister added that he expects other Bulgarian producers to also help with the logistics, which will surely be needed in the near future. Angelov explained that the requirement in choosing transport means was for the company to be able to provide the required temperature regime, and for temperatures in the vehicle to be traced during the whole route and confirmed via thermograph. ‘Before taking the vaccine against COVID-19, it is not necessary to do a quick test, because a doctor’s examination is conducted beforehand, explained Minister Angelov. He said that the vaccination of those who have already had the infection and have antibodies in their system would not be harmful. After the first dose of the vaccine, a protective mask should still be worn and social contacts should be limited, said Minister Angelov in response to a question whether there is still a risk of infection after the first dose. After the second dose of vaccine and the production of antibodies, the person will become immune, and in the event of an encounter with the virus, the antibodies should destroy it, Angelov added. The head of the Military Medical Academy, Major General Prof. Ventsislav Moutafchiiski, who was among the first to be vaccinated, commented: “We are at war, but our weapon has arrived. It will save us and give us back the ability to hug and kiss our children and relatives,” he added. RY/DT /DT/