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(DF) Central Election Commission Selects Supplier of Electronic Voting Machines

December 30 (BTA) – Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission (CEC) announced on Wednesday that it has selected the Ciela Norma AD company as the supplier of 9,600 specialized electronic voting machines. The company will also provide their logistical support and maintenance during the conduct of parliamentary elections in 2021 and training of election commissions’ members to handle the devices. The voting machines must be supplied with installed system and application software capable of being modified for any type of elections provided for in the Election Code without intervention by the supplier. The selected company offered a total price of 43,198,800.00 leva inclusive of VAT. The other bidders in the competitive procedure were: Lex BG EAD (which came second with a price offer of 43,200,000.00 leva), CAD R&D Centre Progress Group AD, KONTRAX AD, Excelor Holding Group EOOD, the Bulgarian Voting Machines Civil-Law Company, and natural persons Mihail Dimitrov-Vishanin and Ivan Velichkov Ivanov. The CEC’s decision is appealable before the Supreme Administrative Court within three days of its publication. Under the Election Code as last amended, voters in sections with over 300 voters will have an option to vote by machine or by paper ballot. Paper ballots only will be used in sections with fewer voters and abroad. RI/DS //