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(DF) Part of Bulgaria’s Anti-Epidemic Measures to Change as of January 16

January 15 (BTA) – Part of the anti-epidemic measures in Bulgaria will change as of January 16, the Health Ministry said in a press release Friday. The changes concern schools, higher education establishments, and planned surgical activity. As of Saturday, the following in-person activities in school education will resume: exams for transferring a pupil; exams for determining the term’s grade of a pupil who has been absent from over 25 per cent of the classes in a given subject or of a pupil undergoing individual or distance education; exams for determining the year’s grade of a pupil studying individually or part-time; state exams for acquiring a professional qualification degree in theory and practice; individual activities, including written or practical exams for a current grade; individual practical classes at an enterprise or a school; regional and municipal rounds of olympiads and competitions that cannot be held online. All the above-mentioned activities must be held individually, if possible, and in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures. It is compulsory to wear a protective face mask and observe a physical distance of at least 1.5 m. Persons with acute respiratory disease symptoms are not allowed to attend. As of January 16, higher education establishments are allowed to conduct: in-person practical classes and practical exams for students, students pursuing a specialization, and PhD students; semester exams that include a practical part and cannot be held online; state exams and thesis defences. When held at the higher education establishment, these activities must be organized in full compliance with the anti-epidemic measures. First aid classes for drivers under Ordinance No. 24 can also resume on Saturday. Also to resume are planned admissions and planned surgical activity in medical-treatment facilities and in complex oncology centres. NV/DS /DT/