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Greece Extends Entry Restrictions Until 8 February 2021

The Greek government has extended until 8 February 2021 restrictions for all arrivals in the country by air, land or sea transport, the Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Travelers are required to submit a negative result of a PCR test taken within 72 hours before the trip, as well as a completed PLF form with a generated QR code. Mandatory testing with a rapid (antigen) test at border crossing points remains in effect.

An exception to the test requirement is made for commercial truck drivers – both for a pre-made PCR and a rapid test of the relevant border checkpoint.

Companies providing passenger services (air, sea, land) are required to check that each passenger has a QR code prior to boarding. In the absence of one, the transport company is responsible for returning the passenger to the original point of departure.

Citizens arriving in Greece are subject to mandatory 7-day quarantine, which lasts 14 days in case the result of the rapid test is positive. Quarantine may be interrupted only if the stay in the country is shorter than the mandatory 7 days for self-isolation

We remind that there is an exception to the test requirements – both for a pre-made PCR and a rapid test at the relevant border checkpoint – for drivers of heavy vehicles carrying out commercial transport services.

We note that business travel is permitted only for extremely urgent reasons. We recommend that citizens concert their journey with the Greek border authorities in advance on a land border when it is for business resons, as well as other specific reasons, in order to ensure that they are allowed on Greek territory.

Those who are allowed to enter Greece and then leave the country will not be allowed re-entry until the expiry of these measures.
More information can be found at the following link:

If assistance is needed, Bulgarian citizens can contact the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Athens at the following telephone numbers: +30 210 67 48 107; +30 210 67 48 105; +30 210 67 48 106, as well as to the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki on tel. +359 999 999 8800 +30 2310 829 210 and on call outside working hours: +30 2310 869 510. Questions can also be asked at email addresses:;,; /BGNES