(DF) Volya, National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria Form Patriotic Coalition

February 10 (BTA) – Volya leader Vesselin Mareshki and National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB) leader Valeri Simeonov Wednesday unveiled the formation of a coalition between their parties. Mareshki told a news briefing that the move was prompted by “Bulgaria’ need of an alliance of patriotic forces”. “We expect to earn support and be part of the next government,” Mareshki said, apparently referring to the April 4 parliamentary elections. Simeonov hopes that Volya will embrace the key priorities that NFSB has been pursuing so far and that these priorities will underlie a common action programme. They include raising Bulgarian citizens’ income and economic development. “Last but not least, we prioritize preventing the Movement for Rights and Freedoms from regaining power and from acting yet again as a balance holder at the National Assembly,” the NFSB leader said. Mareshki said that Volya entirely backs these priorities. In the present Parliament, Volya has 12 MPs. For four years now, the NFSB (8 MPs) has been part of the power-sharing United Patriots coalition with VMRO (11 MPs). Earlier this week VMRO said it will enter the forthcoming general elections on a straight ticket. Mareshki and Simeonov are both Deputy Chairpersons of the 44th National Assembly. /RY/LG