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(DF) Prosecution Opens Investigation into Death of Boy Killed By Electric Shock on Street

February 15 (BTA) – The Sofia City Prosecution has opened an investigation into the death of an underage boy on Sunday, who according to preliminary reports was electrolocuted on a street in the capital. The pretrial proceedings are for causing death by incompetence or negligent work, the prosecution said on Monday. The prosecution says that the boy was electrolocuted next to a street shaft in Sofia’s Ivan Geshov Boulevard. At the site a twisted wire which was deemed hazardous was found. According to a preliminary autopsy report the death was caused by acute heart and respiratory failure and skin changes were found on the legs due to thermal exposure. The prosecution will order forensic and technological reports and will request various documents from the institutions which have relation to the case: Sofia Town Hall, Triaditsa borough, CEZ electricity company, St Ivan Rilski Hospital and a vendor who owns a kiosk next to the site of the incident. Earlier on Monday Health Minister Kostadin Angelov appointed a commission of experts from the Health Ministry which will inspect the site of the incident due to allegations that the shaft where an electric current travelled services the nearby St Ivan Rilski hospital. The hospital’s director Anton Petkov explained that the hospital is supplied with electricity from two substations on its premises and has no other sources of electricity. RI/PP //