(DF) Central Election Commission Registers 26 Parties, 8 Coalitions for Upcoming Election on April 4

February 17 (BTA) – So far, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered 26 political parties and 8 coalitions for the parliamentary elections in April, the CEC press office told BTA on Wednesday. The number is not final, as there are four more political formations in the process of registering with CEC. In the general elections of 2017, CEC allowed 18 parties and 9 coalitions to run for seats in Parliament, with four parties and one coalition eventually surpassing the 4-per-cent threshold. The party registrations are subject to verification. By February 18 CEC will have sent to the constituency election commissions (CoECs) a list of the parties and coalitions registered, and information about those delisted. By February 20 the General Directorate Civil Registration and Administrative Service with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will have checked the lists submitted by the parties and coalitions. By February 22 the CoECs will have registered the initiative committees of candidates who want to be elected members of Parliament without the official support of a political formation. RI/MT //