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Today Is Official Start of Election Campaign in Bulgaria

The election campaign for the 45th National Assembly, which will take place on April 4, opens today.

The elections were scheduled by presidential decree issued on January 14, 2021 and published in the State Gazette on January 19.

The campaign will end at midnight on April 2. Thirty political formations will take part in the parliamentary elections – 22 parties and 8 coalitions. There are thousands of candidates in all 31 multi-mandate constituencies, who will run for 240 seats in parliament. The Electoral Code prohibits the publication and broadcasting of anonymous campaign-related materials during the election campaign.

Within these 30 days, pre-election campaigning in state and municipal institutions is not allowed. Citizens, parties, coalitions of parties, initiative committees, candidates and advocates have the freedom to express and campaign verbally and in writing at election meetings, as well as through media service providers.

The election campaign is conducted in Bulgarian, and the election meetings are public. This will be the first election campaign under the conditions of a pandemic and an emergency situation.

The Law on Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency provides for the campaign to be conducted in compliance with the introduced anti-epidemic measures. The submitted applications for voting abroad are 63,500, of which only 1,230 are on paper.

The highest number of applications were submitted in Turkey Рalmost 15,000, in Great Britain Р12,000, Germany Р9,500, Spain Р6,000, USA Р3,900. In the upcoming elections in the polling stations with more than 300 voters it will be possible to vote with machines along with a paper ballot.

According to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, the machines must be disinfected after each vote, as well as the pens for voting.

By March 31, COVID patients and the quarantined must submit to the municipal administration applications to vote with a mobile ballot box. In order to have such an option for voting, it is necessary to have at least 10 applications from voters.