(DF) Bulgarians in New Zealand to Vote First in April 4 Elections, Expats in US Last

April 3 (BTA) – The elections for Bulgaria’s 45th Ordinary National Assembly abroad will begin in the evening of April 3 and will end in the morning of April 5 (Bulgarian time), the Foreign Ministry said Saturday. Because of the time difference, the first Bulgarians to cast their vote will be the expatriates in New Zealand’s Auckland and Christchurch, where the voting sections will open at 9 p.m. on Saturday. The last to vote will be the Bulgarians in the USA’s California, Arizona, and Nevada, where the election day will end at 6 a.m. on Monday. Bulgarians abroad can exercise their right to vote in a total of 465 voting sections across 69 countries, which have agreed to organize the elections under the condition that the corresponding health safety protocols and anti-epidemic measures against COVID-19 will be observed. Everywhere abroad where the restrictive measures in force could obstruct Bulgarian nationals’ voting (e.g. curfew, ban on free movement), the Foreign Ministry has requested and received from the corresponding countries exceptions for the election day. In some states, Bulgaria’s embassies will issue a special document, while in other countries Bulgarians will be able to get to the voting sections using declarations and forms issued by the corresponding local authorities. In Spain, where 53 voting sections will be open on Sunday, the local authorities said Bulgarians should vote in their region of residence, because a ban on movement between regions is in force in that country. RI/DS /ДЛ/