(DF) President Rumen Radev: Parliament Is Working Energetically, Give It a Chance to Do Something Usefu

April 24 (BTA) – After launching the initiative “Plant a Tree, Revive Bulgarian Forest” on Saturday, Bulgarian head of State Rumen Radev told journalists that the new Parliament is working energetically on important bills, and the public expects decisions from it, so we must give it a chance to do some useful work, which has already started not only through the revisions in the Election Code, but also through numerous valuable proposals that also deserve attention. Replying to a question as to when he is going to hand the next exploratory cabinet-forming mandate, the President said that he hopes the downtime until then will be invested in a dialogue in an attempt to reach a consensus and form a government that enjoys the support of the majority in Parliament, and is centered around clear-cut principles and priorities. The Constitution does not set a certain period between handing the first and second mandates. President Radev said that he is going to make the decision soon. In his words, a balance must be found between necessary changes in the shape of new legislative amendments, and forming a government, and the political parties concerned should declare clearly their expectation with regard to the formation of a regular cabinet. President Radev said that it is too early to consider handing a third mandate at this point, as the fate of the second one is still unclear, but he expects the political parties in Parliament and the incumbent government to find the strength and show the responsibility to update the budget. Failing to do so will have grave consequences for millions of Bulgarian pensioners and workers, and thousands of firms facing bankruptcy, as they will be left without support right when they need it the most. Currently, the budget does not set aside any funds for this type of support, Radev said. In his opinion, it is not serious to consider a caretaker cabinet at this stage, as a parliamentary procedure is underway to form a regular government. The President said that it is time the parties in Parliament gave a signal that they have found a common language to unite them around clear principles, priorities and values, for a coalition without a solid foundation of principles will only deepen the crisis. *** We all have a duty to protect Bulgaria from barbaric deforestation, President Radev said at the foot of Plana Mountain, launching officially the initiative “Plant a Tree, Revive Bulgarian Forest”. The initiative will take place twice a year in different locations across Bulgaria with the support of schools, NGOs and volunteers. RI/MT /МТ/