(DF) Georgi Terziiski Replaced by Apostol Minchev as Chair of Road Infrastructure Agency Board

May 27 (BTA) – The caretaker Cabinet has relieved Georgi Terziiski from his responsibilities as chair of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) Management Board, Terziiski wrote in a Fecebook post on Thursday. His dismissal is yet another personnel change at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) which goes officially unannounced. Previously, architect Vladi Kalinov was appointed head of the National Construction Supervision Directorate after Ivan Nestorov resigned from the position. Later on Thursday, the MRDPW announced that Apostol Minchev had been appointed Chair of the RIA Management Board and that Vesselin Peykov and Ivaylo Denchev had been designated members of the Agency’s Management Board. RI/ZH, LG