(DF) Mustafa Alish Hadzhi Re-elected Grand Mufti

May 29 (BTA) – Dr Mustafa Alish Hadzhi was re-elected Grand Mufti of the Muslims in Bulgaria at their highest forum, the National Muslim Conference, called by the Grand Mufti’s Office on Saturday. The forum held at the NDK Congress Centre in Sofia was attended by nearly 1,200 delegates and more than 100 guests, including Movement for Rights and Freedoms leader Mustafa Karadayi and Turkish Ambassador Aylin Sekizkok. The delegates re-elected Vedat Sabri Ahmed to continue his term as Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council. There were no other candidates. The forum also elected members of the Supreme Muslim Council. Mustafa Hadzhi reviewed the work done by the Grand Mufti’s Office in the past years, highlighted its achievements and noted the challenges to the organization of religious affairs. Ensuring higher remuneration of the imams was singled out as a priority for the next five years. Mustafa Hadzhi mentioned the need to improve religious and teacher training as the second key priority. The Education Department of the Grand Mufti’s Office faces the urgent task of improving the study process in religious schools, said Mustafa Hadzhi. Given that social activity is also an important factor, attempts will be made to carry it out abroad where the first steps have already been made. RY/DD //