(DF) National Police Cultural Values Sector Chief Charged with Paricipation in Criminal Group

June 2 (BTA) – The Chief of the Cultural and Historical Values Sector at the National Police Service, Angel Papalezov, has been charged with participating in a criminal group, the prosecution said Wednesday. According to them, the group was involved in trafficking cultural and historical valuables and money laundering. Searches permitted by the Specialized Court on June 1 were conducted later in the day at Papalezov’s home and office. The investigation of the Specialized Prosecution Office pre-trial proceddings continues. News of the searches emerged from an interview with caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Raskov for investigating website bird.bg. He said that prosecutors have entered the Interior Ministry and are conducting searches, the aim of which, he says, is to hinder revelations about the illegal tapping of politicians. A day before he was charged, Papalezov was included in a team probing into suspicions about illegal tapping of ipposition politicians before the April 4, 2021 elections. Rashkov said the prosecution is openly meddling in Interior Ministry affairs. Personal frisks and searches of offices of staff whoc are checking the tapping are under way. The prosecution has requested information about the new head of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) and has summoned for questioning the new head of the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. “The aim is to stress the new appointments of the caretaker cabinet and foil the probe into the illegal tapping,” he said. “Someone is trying to cover the traces of the [illegal] tapping, the shredders are red-hot,” Raskov says. He blames the prosecution of serving the interests of Boyko Borisov and his party, GERB. “As Borissov cannot practically exercise any influence, the prosecution is taking his place in the political struggle in Bulgaria. It will do what Borissov and GERB cannot do effectively,” Rashkov says. Commenting for BTA, Prosecutor General spokesperson Siika Mileva described Rashkov’s words as ”untrue assertions made by a political person in pre-election conditions”. “The prosecution cannot stop working just because someone does not like it,” she added. She said further that the state prosecution applies the law strictly and expects cooperation from all law-enforcement authorities in the fight against crime.MORE /LN/BR //