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In Bid to Save Season Sunny Beach Offers Lucrative Packages, Discounts – Tour Operators

Hoteliers from Sunny Beach and tour agencies offer all sorts of bonuses and discounts to attract more holidaymakers.

Denitsa Baharova, who is a marketing manager, told Nova TV that the hotel offers prices cut down by 40%.

More night-stays for lower price, free entertainment facilities, free parasols and sunbeds – these are just some of the lucrative offers. Without waiting for the hottest days, most hoteliers in Sunny Beach announced attractive holiday packages in June, revealed host of “On Your Side” talk show Georgi Georgiev.

According to him, this month a holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast would be twice as cheap than during the high season – in July and August.

“We have a special discount at the moment for our customers from Bulgaria and not only. It was 20% in the whole of June as prices for June start from BGN70-75 for all inclusive and ultra all inclusive”, said Bayar Bekir, who is marketing manager of a hotel chain in Sunny Beach.

“This year we have focused on family tourism – in our hotels we have a special package – for two adults – 2 children up to 12 years old stay free of charge.  Especially for our guests with children we have prepared surprises – including we also have a children’s luna park in one of our hotels – with bouncy house, bungee and boats”, points out Bekir.

Accommodation in a three-star all-inclusive hotel for the first half of June starts from BGN 28 per person. By the end of the month the price will rise to 34, and at the peak of summer it will be over BGN 66, a check in the booking systems shows.

Apartment for five in a hotel with a pool on the beach in Sozopol will cost 100 BGN per person until the end of June. On the eve of July Morning, the price of a night-stay will increase by 20%, and at the beginning of August it will reach BGN 170.

In Sveti Vlas, prices in four-star hotels start at BGN 90 per night.

Almost the same are the offers in luxury hotels in Sinemorets, and in Tsarevo the price is BGN 70. Discounts depend on workload and hotel category, experts say.

“Occupancy rate is currently low – between 5 and 7 percent. At the peak of the season it is expected to be 60-70 percent on the Black Sea coast”, say hotel-keepers.

Currently, a double room can be found for 50 leva. In the high season will cost about 130-140 leva.

For neighbors, offers for vacations at the seaside in June will also be 25-30% down. In one of the agencies that organize holidays mainly in Greece, they expect more bookings for Greece compared to last summer.

To save the season, local hoteliers and guesthouses’ owners already offer discounts for early holidaymakers. In Keramoti a double room will cost BGN 60 and in a three-star hotel on the island of Crete – BGN 115. Greeks offer free sunbeds and drinks on the beach, free dinners and are willing to pay half the price for the PCR test.

With each subsequent week, however, the sea vacation in Greece will become more expensive. More than 20 islands are declared Covid-free, as all staff have been vaccinated and cases of infection have not been registered this season.

Prices in Turkish resorts are increased by 20% compared to last one because of the costs associated with anti-epidemic measures. However, the season starts with more lucrative offers.