(DF) 791 Polling Stations Abroad for July 11 Snap Parliamentary Elections

June 19 (BTA) – The Central Election Commission (CEC) Saturday determined where and how many polling stations will be set up abroad for the July 11 snap parliamentary elections. There will be a total of 791 polling stations abroad, in 68 countries. Some 135 polling stations will be set up in the UK, 121 in Turkey, 116 in Germany, 67 in Spain, 58 in the United States, 32 in Greece, and 28 in Italy. Talks are ongoing of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with the German authorities to allow opening of polling stations outside the territory of diplomatic missions. CEC’s decision also lists the countries where it was decided as inexpedient to open polling stations. One such country is India where the coronavirus situation is especially difficult. A total of 465 polling stations abroad in 69 countries were opened for the April 4 regular parliamentary elections. RY/ZH //