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(DF) Transport Ministries of Bulgaria, Romania Create Joint Working Group to Reduce Danube Bridge 2 Traffic

July 1 (BTA) – The Transport Ministries of Bulgaria and Romania will set up a join working group to reduce traffic through Danube Bridge 2 which links between the two countries at Vidin-Calafat. That was announced here Thursday by Bulgarian caretaker Minister of Transport, IT and Communications Georgi Todorov after meeting with the State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastucture, Adrian Covasnianu. The working group will include experts who will work on reducing the wait and travel time through the bridge. The cause for the long waiting times for vehicles in recent months is the 15 per cent traffic increase through Danube Bridge 2, compared to the same period of 2019. There is a new heavy truck traffic from Albania bound for Central Europe. Those trucks used to go through Serbia and Croatia but have changed their route and now pass through Danube Bridge 2, just like other vehicles that used to go through Serbia, likely avoiding the more expensive toll fees there, said Todorov. The line of vehicles at Danube Bridge 2 reched close to 13 km last Thursday. The joint working group will visit Danube Bridge 2 next week. RI/MY //