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State Regulator KEVR Increased Prices of Electricity and Heating

Prices of heating and hot water are going up as of July 1, between 4% and 23% for the various district heating companies. For Sofia, the increase is by 20%, the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) said.

The increase in the prices of electricity for households is on average by 4.4%.

As of today, the price of heating increases by 16% on average for the country. The biggest rise is in Veliko Turnovo, where heating and hot water will cost 23% more. The increase in Bourgas and Vratsa is 21%, and consumers in Sofia and Pleven will pay by 20% more.

The prices of heating in Varna and Razgrad are growing by 17-18%, in Pernik by 15%, for Plovdiv – by 13 %, in Rousse – by 11% and in Gabrovo – by 9%.

The lowest is the increase in heating prices in Sliven – below 4%.

The prices of heating are determined on the basis of one-year period, as well as those of electricity for households.

In the case of electricity, the biggest increase is for CEZ consumers – by nearly 6%, and for the clients of the other two energy companies – EVN and “Energo-pro” the increase in electricity prices will be just under 4%.

In July, gas price will go up by 10%./bnt