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(DF) July 11 Elections: Central Election Commission Allows Live Video Recording, Streaming of Voting Sections Work after End of Election Day

July 10 (BTA) – The Central Election Commission (CEC) decided on Saturday to allow real-time video recording and streaming of the working process in the voting premises of election sections upon declaring Election Day over. The video record will cover the activities of election commissions when tallying the results of the vote, counting the paper ballots in sections that have used them, drawing up and filling out the section protocols containing the results of the voting in that section. Other processes that may be recorded and streamed in real time include handing, receiving and verifying voting section protocols, and the transfer of data from the voting machines. However, recording and streaming should not obstruct the work of the election administration. Recording of voter information is not allowed. A copy of the decision has been sent out to regional and section election administrations, and to the local governments. RY/MT /МТ/