(DF) July 2021 Elections: There Is Such a People Wins 24.08% of Votes, GERB-UDF – 23.51% based on 100% of Tally Sheets

July 14 (BTA) – Based on 100 per cent of district election commission tally sheets counted at constituency election commissions, the There Is Such a People (TISP) party has won 24.08 per cent (657 824 votes) in the July 11 snap parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, the Central Election Commission here reported here late on Tuesday evening. The GERB-UDF coalition is second with 23.51 per cent (642,165 votes), followed by BSP for Bulgaria with 13.39 per cent (365,695 votes), Democratic Bulgaria Alliance with 12.64 per cent (345,329 votes), the Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 10.71 per cent (292,439 votes), Rise Up! Thugs Out! coalition – 5.01 per cent (136,879 votes). Following is a list of parties and coalitions that failed to reach the four per cent threshold for entering the next National Assembly: The Bulgarian Patriots coalition (VMRO, Volya, NFSB) – 3.14 per cent or 85,796 votes; Vazrazhdane [Revival] – 3.01 per cent or 82,147 votes; Bulgarian Summer Citizens Platform – 1.82 per cent or 49,833 votes; Ataka – 0.46 per cent or 12,661 votes; Left Union for Pure and Sacred Republic – 0.38 per cent or 10,308 votes; Republicans for Bulgaria – 0.31 per cent or 8,553 votes; National Alliance of the Right – 0.29 per cent or 7,875 votes; Glas Naroden [People’s Voice] – 0.17 per cent or 4,741 votes; New Democracy Bulgarian National Union – 0.17 per cent or 4,690 votes); Svoboda [Freedom] party – 0.16 per cent or 4,304 votes; Bulgaria of Labour and Reason – 0.14 per cent or 3,948 votes; Together for Change Movement – 0.13 per cent or 3,445 votes; Party of the Greens – 0.12 per cent or 3,257 votes; Direct Democrcacy – 0.12 per cent or 3,143 votes; Brigada [Brigade] – 0.08 per cent or 2,187 votes; Podem [Upsurge] – 0.03 per cent or 862 votes. Independent candidates Leon Levy has won 142 votes. A total of 35,200 voters have checked the “I do not support anyone” box. The final results and the distribution of seats in Parliament will be announced within four days of election day, which is July 15 at the latest. RY/MY /МЙ/