(DF) There Is Such A People Leader Trifonov Retracts Suggested Nominee for Prime Minister

July 15 (BTA) – Slavi Trifonov, the leader of the There is Such A People (TISP) party which won 65 seats in the 240-seat National Assembly at the July 11 early parliamentary elections, thus emerging as the formation with the most MPs, has retracted the nomination made on Monday of Nikolai Vasilev as prime minister in a possible TISP government. The withdrawal of Vasilev’s name was made in a Facebook post on Thursday. In the Facebook post Trifonov wrote: “On Monday I proposed a government made up of nothing but highly educated professionals with clear priorities. I suggested economist Nikolai Vasilev for the prime minister’s post. He is a person with experience in politics, in the state administration and in real business. In the three days since Monday he has been the target of a furious smear campaign. It so turns out that it does not matter how highly educated the proposed ministers are, what good experts they are, how clear their priorities are. It so turns out that this is of no importance to those media outlets and politicians who alleged that Vasilev is a person of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms – an allegation that is not true”. The TISP leader also said that he understood that this country does not need instability and new elections. “To me it is of no big importance what lies were told by some of the anti-establishment parties. What is important to me is to erase [so far ruling party] GERB’s model from Bulgaria’s public and political life, because this is the main enemy of statehood and democracy. I understand this, unlike others. This is why I decided to withdraw the nomination of the worthy person Vasilev. We, as a party that won the latest elections, will propose a new prime minister and a revised line-up of the government,” Trifonov wrote, adding that since he believes that all this needs to happen openly, in front of people’s eyes, he is calling a news conference on Friday, at the Bulgarian News Agency, where TISP political leaders and Vasilev will answer “all questions of all reporters”. The news conference is scheduled to start at 1 pm local time. RY/ZH //