(DF) There Is Such a People, Democratic Bulgaria Launch Consultations on Future Governance

July 23 (BTA) – The parliamentary groups of There Is Such a People (TISP) and Democratic Bulgaria launched consultations on the future governance in Parliament on Friday. This is the first in a series of meetings at the initiative of TISP. On Thursday TISP sent invitations for talks to all parliamentary groups with the exception of GERB-UDF. At the beginning TISP floor leader Toshko Yordanov said: “I hope that we will reconfirm mutually our main goals so that we give a good sign that there will be a government.” Participating in the talks were TISP’s Toshko Yordanov, Victoria Vassileva, Ivailo Vulchev, Filip Stanev and Democratic Bulgaria floor leader Hristo Ivanov, Atanas Atanasov and Vladislav Panev. Beginning the meeting, Toshko Yordanov said that “scraping off” former ruling part GERB is their priority. “I hope that the meeting goes smoothly and easily, because at least from our point of view we don’t have any differences with regard to our main political goals,” he said. Hristo Ivanov said that he was positive and full of energy. “I expect us to talk about what lies ahead,” said Ivanov. Speaking after the consultations, the floor leaders of the two parliamentary groups said that they share the same political goals for judicial reform. Ivanov said: “At this stage it was important to find out whether we have the same political goals: to replace Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev and the Supreme Judicial Council and for a far-reaching reform of the prosecution service and the judicial system.” Yordanov called the talks constructive and said that TISP and Democratic Bulgaria are on the same course. “We are aware that the prosecution service cannot exist in its present form. We are aware that the specialized criminal court and prosecution should be disbanded and that there are challenges related to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, so our main course is the same,” he said. Of the condition set earlier in the day by Democratic Bulgaria to keep the Movement for Rights and Freedoms out from the government, Yordanov said that there are speculations about support from the Movement. “If there is a government, it will effectively be a government of one political party which means a minority government to a certain extent. It won–Ęt be a coalition government. Enough with the speculations!,” he said. According to Yordanov, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the MRF, Democratic Bulgaria and Rise Up.BG! Here We Come! may back this government if they share the policies, implemented by TISP. It transpired that the meeting did not discuss any names of a future prime minister or ministers. Ivanov said that before backing a future government, his party will very carefully consider the candidates, the programmes and the stated intentions. The consultations on the future government will continue on Saturday between TISP, Rise Up.BG! Here We Come! and BSP for Bulgaria. RI/PP //