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(NW) Bulgartransgaz’s Ten-year Network Development Plan Envisages Building New Intersystem Gas Connections with Neighbouring Countries

August 9 (BTA) – Natural gas transmission and storage operator Bulgartransgaz presented its ten-year network development plan for the 2021-2030 period, which envisages the construction and putting into operation of intersystem gas connections with neighbouring countries, as well as putting into operation the Alexandropoulis LNG terminal. Among the priorities included in the plan, which will be reviewed during a public discussion in the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission on August 11, include the maintenance of a reliable and efficient natural gas infrastructure, renovating and expanding the gas transmission networks and facilities, developing an intersystem connectivity, increasing the natural gas storage capacity. Among the priorities for the company is implementing projects related to the Balkan gas hub, which has the potential to connect the main natural gas projects in Southeast Europe, while guaranteeing a transparent and nondiscriminatory access for all potential participants in the market. In the context of the Hydrogen Road Map Europe and in accordance with Bulgaria’s strategic goals and priorities in the energy and climate fields, Bulgartransgaz plans on building a hydrogen transmission network. The expected results of this plan is to significantly improve the quality and increase the volume of the offered services by the company related to the transmission and storage of natural gas, which is directly tied to Bulgaria becoming an important regional gas distribution centre, Bulgartransgaz said. RY/MY /МЙ/