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(DF) Presidenet Holds Second Day of Consultations with Parliamentary Parties ahead of Offering Second Government Mandate

August 18 (BTA) – On Wednesday, President Rumen Radev is holding a second day of talks with the parliamentary forces before presenting a second mandate for government formation – and then very likely a third. Democratic Bulgaria declared a will to see an “emergency aid” government being formed but said it will very much depend on the readiness of There Is Such a People (TISP), the largest group in Parliament, to support the project, due to the distribution of seats in the legislature. The President reiterated the importance of having a Parliament-elected government to take the country through the multiple looming crises. The President is also meeting on Wednesday with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Rise Up BG! Here We Come!. On Tuesday, he held talks with TISP, GERB and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) where it transpired that TISP remain unwilling to support a government of the minority that may be formed on the third mandate; that GERB won’t try to form a government when the second mandate goes to them in their capacity as the second largest group; and that the Socialists are willing to try to form a government, if the third mandate goes to them, or, if not, to consider supporting another party’s government proposal. By Constitution, the President first asks the largest party in Parliament to try to form a government, then, if they fail, the second largest and finally a third one of his choice. There are no time limits for the handing of the second mandate but the third one has to be presented no more than a week if the second one fails. Following is a takeaway from the comments of politicians after the talks with the President. Hristo Ivanov, Democratic Bulgaria It is important that the four parties in this Parliament, minus GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, learn their lesson and be able to form, at least for a short while, a government to provide the “emergency aid” the country needs as it faces all the challenges. Everybody should understand their responsibility to try, on the third mandate, to amend the flaws in the approach to the first mandate and form a government that will lead the country at least through the winter months, without having another snap election. With this complex parliamentry architecture where no force has dominant role, an attitude of equality and readiness for concessions and seeking the points of intresection is essential for forming a government. MORE