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(NW) Electricity Production Up 10.91% January 1 – August 15 Y/Y

August 17 (BTA) – The production of electricity in Bulgaria has increased by 10.91 per cent for the period January 1, 2021 – August 15, 2021, compared to the same period of last year, according to the latest data of the Electricity System Operator (ESO) concerning the country’s energy balance, published Tuesday on the ESO website. Electricity production between January 1 – August 15, 2021 was reported to be 28,254,829 MWh, compared to 25,476,487 MWh in the same period of last year. Consumption in Bulgaria increased by 4.77 per cent over the period. From the beginning of the year until August 15, 24,232,983 MWh electricity were consumed, while for the same period in 2020 the consumption stood at 23,129,262 MWh. The data show that for the period January 1 – August 15, 2021 compared to January 1 – August 15, 2020, the balance (exports-imports) increased by 71.34 per cent. The share of electricity generated from baseload capacities from the beginning of the year until August 15, compared to the same period of 2020, has increased by 6.49 per cent. A total of 22,327,885 MWh of electricity was produced by base plants between January 1 and August 15 of this year, compared to 20,967,057 MWh in the corresponding period of last year. For the compared period, ESO reported a decrease in the share of RES in the transmission network by 6.83 per cent, as well as in the distribution network by 2.98 per cent. There is an increase in the share of electricity from hydropower plants by 65.21 per cent during the reviewed period. RY/MY /МЙ/