(DF) Youth from Six Countries Take Part in Creative Thinking Training in Bulgaria

August 21 (BTA )- Young people from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovakia took part in a training in the art of creative thinking held in Sofia, the organizer of the training: the Association for the Development of Bulgarian Sport, said. The youngsters performed various assignments intended to develop creative thinking which is considered a valuable skill of the future but which is difficult to acquire in the formal school system. The participants learned about creative ways to engage young people. The organizers of the training noted that robots will replace manual labour more and more so that society will need to encourage more creativity which is a skill that machines do not have yet. Industry 4.0 is driven by creative people, and not by merging of technologies, the Association for the Development of Bulgarian Sport said. It has been calculated that 65 per cent of current schoolchildren will work in occupations which do not yet exist.