Unemployment in August has the Lowest Levels: 4.96%

The data of the Employment Agency show that the registered unemployment has reached its lowest value of 4.96% as of August 19.

This became clear from a statement of the Caretaker Minister Galab Donev during the Friday parliamentary control. One of the reasons for this success is the 60/40 measure, which was started by the last regular government and continued by the caretaker cabinet.

The caretaker government decided to improve the 60/40 measure in order to improve the assistance of companies most affected by the crisis, the minister explained. Thus, the forms with a decrease in income between 30-40%, the support is 50% of the insurance income. Those with a drop in revenue above 40% support remains at 60%

As a result, BGN 120 million have been provided. For payments for the months of June and July this year. With this money, the jobs of about 80,000 people can be saved, Donev explained. Employers can apply for this measure until the end of August.

According to the Employment Agency, 35% of companies that applied for June for more than 50 employees have a 30-40% drop in revenue. 34% of the forms have a decrease of 40-50%, and 31% of the companies over 50%, Donev explained. Most of the forms with the largest decline are from the tourism sector.

According to NSSI data, BGN 52 million have been paid to 2,289 employers for compliance with the jobs of 68,000 employees. BGN 1.498 million have been paid under the measure 60/40, more than 13 thousand employers have been supported and the jobs of 311 thousand workers have been preserved since the very beginning of the creation of the measure, the minister explained.

“Before proceeding to change the design of the measure, we examined which are the companies, how many employees are supported under this measure and the data show that there is no reflux of employers, it is normal to have a decline and to ask for a greater decline from turnover. The most relative share is occupied by the processing industry with 28%, followed by the mining industry with 22%, the hotel and restaurant industry with 21.4% support “, said Minister Galab Donev and stressed that the measure works effectively.