(NW) African Swine Fever Study under Way in Plovdiv Region

August 26 (BTA) – An epizootic study is in progress following an African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak detected on August 19 on an unregistered farm in the village of Krasnovo, Plovdiv Region (South Central Bulgaria), the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency said on Thursday. Within the 10-kilometre zone around the outbreak, vets from Plovdiv’s Regional Food Safety Directorate have found 14 unregistered farms rearing pigs for household consumption. The vets took blood samples and the pigs will be subject to periodic checkups. The movement of pigs in those farms was banned and the owners were instructed to register the farms. No other unregistered farms were found in the village of Krasnovo. A statement of an administrative violation was drawn up against the owner in whose backyard the outbreak occurred. All five pigs were destroyed humanely. The vets will be checking farms in the nearby villages. VE/DD //