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Bulgaria: MPs at Odds with Finance Minister over Adopted Budget Update

MPs passed the budget update at first reading, but on the condition that they propose a host of changes between the two readings.

If these are the novelties, honestly, I advise you not to make a party, Yordan Tsonev said, referring to Finance Minister Asen Vasilev. Whille commenting on the specific parameters of the updates, Yordan Tsonev ofMRF advised the finance minister not to form a party, as rumors have emerged that Asen Vasilev will participate in a new formation together witMinister of Economy Kiril Petkov.

” According to MRF MP, the budget updates are not necessary because they replicate the model of GERB, which MPs swear from morning to evening that they will wipe out. He believes that the costs in the update will not be met and this will require a restructuring of the budget by decrees of the Council of Ministers.

“This is avicious pattern. You’re now sticking to this pattern and at the same time talking about new developments in politics.’

GERB did not support the update.

“The jokes and banter should br left outside this hall,” Vasilev replied, to the advice not to make a party. Thomas Bykov from GERB pointed out that there is no one to be responsible for the budget updates because there is no parliamentary majority and everyone is in opposition. “The problem with the budget is that it was made on the prototype of GERB. The government is allowed to spend huge amounts of funds uncontrollably and direct them to sectors where they have friendly companies”, said TISp floor leader Toshko Yordanov.


“The update was submitted by the Council of Ministers and 130 MPs voted in favour, 45 a “against” – and 20″abstained” -, after which it was adopted.Thge amendments to the State Budget Act 2021 to address the adverse impact on the economy provide for the allocarion of funds for business support and employment programmes to thex tune of  up toBGN 400 million. Parliament decided that proposals between the first and second readings of the State Budget Act update should be made until 7 September.