(NW) Weather Forecast: September

August 31 (BTA) – The highest temperatures in September will be between 30 C and 35 C, and the lowest between 3 C and 8 C, higher along the Black Sea coast, the National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology reports. The average monthly temperature is expected to be around the normal, which is 18-21 C in most parts, 15-17 C in the high-altitude plains, and 3-8 C in the mountains. Monthly precipitation will be around or slightly above the normal, at 30-50 l/sq m in the lowlands and 50-80 l/sq m in the highlands and mountains. The first ten days of the month will be cool, with widespread thundery showers spreading from West to East. September 3-4 will be a period of relatively settled weather. September 10-20 will see rising temperatures, close or slightly higher than the usual ones. It will be mostly sunny during most of that period. Showers are likely around September 13 and around September 19-20, when temperatures will drop. During the last ten days of September temperatures will be falling slowly. Rain can be expected around September 22, 25 and 29-30. The first frosts are possible in the high-altitude plains of Western Bulgaria around September 25-30. DD/BR/LG //