(NW) Long-term Unemployed in Bulgaria in July down Nearly 14% Y/Y

September 3 (BTA) – The number of long-term unemployed at end-July dropped to 43,253, nearly 14 per cent less than in the same month a year previously, according to data of the Employment Agency released by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) Friday. The results were achieved thanks to the joint efforts of the MLSP, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria in implementation of the National Agreement on the coordinated provision of services for successful integration on the labour market to people registered at labour exchanges for more than a year. Chronically unemployed have access to a broad spectrum of complex services aligned with their individual profile and aimed to support them in the transition from unemployment to sustainable and quality employment. In January-June 2021 they have received over 116,500 mediator services from labour exchanges, as well as 7,070 services from the social assistance directorates. Also, 13,500 consultations have been given providing guidance for employment in the real economy and at jobs subsidized by the state./RY/BR .. /БР/