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(DF) Parliament Updates Conclusively National Health Insurance Fund Budget

September 10 (BTA) – The National Assembly Friday passed conclusively an update of the 2021 budget of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), increasing the budget by 105 million leva. The revenue and expenditure framework was adopted unanimously with 201 votes in favour. A total of 14 million leva are set aside for vaccination against COVID, or 10 leva per inoculation. The budget update envisages 2 million leva for primary and specialized out-of-hospital care, 18 million leva for dental care, 16,385,000 leva for medical diagnostics, 25 million leva for medicinal products and dietary foods for specialized medical purposes in home treatment in Bulgaria, and 14,465,000 leva for hospital care. As of October 1, master pharmacists working on the front line against COVID-19 in medical treatment facilities’ pharmacies, will receive an additional remuneration of 600 leva. RY/DS /ДЛ/