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(DF) Parliament Passes Conclusively 2021 State Budget Update

September 11 (BTA) – Parliament passed conclusively an update of the 2021 State Budget in the early hours of Saturday, following nearly 11-hour debates. The budget revenue was increased by 2.5 billion leva, and expenditure, by 2.3 billion leva, Speaking to journalists in Parliament after the vote Finance Minister Assen Vassilev said that this is a budget which allows the government to rescue 1 million pensioners from poverty and to cope with the health crisis. Minister Vassilev said that the budget provides full support for businesses, and enough money for elections and for tackling a possible migrant crisis. It took MPs four days and a number of marathon sessions to vote through revisions to the Public Social Insurance Act, the National Health Insurance Act and the 2021 State Budget Act. Parliament will hold an extraordinary sitting on Monday to vote on second reading revisions to the Act on Protection of Persons Threatened in Connection with Criminal Proceedings which envisage transferring control over the Protection Bureau from the direct authority of the Prosecutor General under the Ministry of Justice. This became possible after MPs from There Is Such a People backed a motion of Democratic Bulgaria. PP