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Weather in Bulgaria: Sunny and Warm

During the night over Northern Bulgaria the weather will be clear, with significant but scattered clouds over Southern Bulgaria, though no precipitation in in the forecast.

Tomorrow there will be sun over the Northwestern half of the country, over the Southeast there will be significant scattered clouds.  Maximum temperatures 27° – 32° C.

Along the Black Sea coast there will be scattered clouds, over the Southern portion of the coastline – significant clouds. There will be a light Northerly wind. Maximum temperature 26°-28 C., temperature of the sea water 23° C., sea state 1-2.  

Over the mountains there will be scattered clouds, which will disperse in the afternoon. There will be a light to moderate North-Northeasterly wind. Maximum temperature at an altitude of 1,200 m. – around 20° C., at 2,000 m. – around 13° C.