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(DF) Kozlodui N-plant Starts Scheduled Maintenance of Unit 6

September 29 (BTA) – The Kozlodui N-plant has started scheduled annual maintenance of its Unit 6, the power plant said Wednesday. It will continue until the beginning of November. The maintenance works will include necessary repairs and preventive technical maintenance to secure the safety and reliable operation of the equipment, the power plant said. The reactor will be reloaded with fresh nuclear fuel. During the last fuel cycle, Kozloduy produced 8.2 billion KWh of electricity. Kozloduy’s only other reactor, in the 1,000-MW Unit 5, is operating in keeping with the schedule for electricity production. The plant’s other four reactors, in the 440-MW Units 1-4, were closed down as part of Bulgaria’s pre-accession deal with the European Union. MT/LN///